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Spinal Stenosis

13 June 2013  |  Admin

Spinal stenosis
Written By, On June 13, 2013
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Spinal stenosis is an aquired condition most commonly seen as a result of long standing arthritis of the spine. As the discs degenerate reducing the spacing between the spinal bones the bone begins to remodel and form boney projections, known as osteophytes. As the ostephytes continue to grow larger and larger they begin to reduce the space where the spinal cord and various nerves are situated. The spinal cord and nerves become progressively compressed until the nerves become damaged.

Once the nerves have become damaged there is little hope that they will recover even with surgery to the affected area.

By maintaining a healthy spine and limiting the extent of arthritic changes the disability associated with this condition could be avoided before its too late.

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