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15 April 2021  |  Admin

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information 01.04.22 - COVID-19 remains a serious health risk, and expectations around infection prevention and control and the use of appropriate PPE remain in place within healthcare settings. We are, therefore, still asking all patients to wear a face mask when attending their appointments and utilise the hand sanitiser.

30 April 2014  |  Admin
Injecting Fat Into Discs

Surgeons are injecting the spine with fat from patient’s stomachs in ‘promising’ new treatment for chronic back pain. The fat stored around the abdomen is rich in stem cells, which have the ability to develop into different types of tissue, and the theory is that injecting them into the spine will help “repair” the discs. One of the biggest problems seen by chiropractors is degenerative disc disease.

29 March 2014  |  Admin
Back Pain Clinic Market Harborough

It is important that you follow up with regular sessions to ensure the back pain is kept under control. Living a life without back pain is possible with the help of your  chiropractor.

21 March 2014  |  Admin

Lumbago is just an old term used to describe pain in the lower back Lumbago is another term for low back pain a condition experienced by up to 80% of people in the industrialised Western world at some point in their lives.

10 March 2014  |  Admin
Back Pain Test Aids Diagnosis

A simple technique could help differentiate patients with different causes of back pain. Test commonly used by chiropractors in their offices are seen to be valuable aids to diagnosis. Researchers have devised bedside tests that distinguish between neuropathic pain (nerve damage) and other causes of pain. It said the tests are better than existing tests for neuropathic pain. The different causes of pain have different treatments and the researchers say, “if a diagnosis is wrong, patients may receive treatment,

27 February 2014  |  Admin
Do GPs refer to Chiropractors?

CHIROPRACTORS and GPs should take a team approach to treating their patients to optimise treatment, according to experts.

27 January 2014  |  Admin
Curved Soles no better than flats for Back Pain

"Shoes with curved unstable soles are no better than traditional trainers for reducing low back pain," BBC News reports

18 November 2013  |  Admin
Market Harborough Chiropractor Advises on Serious Causes of Back Pain

When back pain is a sign of serious illness. Infections, bladder problems, even cancer those aches and twinges in your back could be trying to tell you something Sometimes organs send pain signals to other body parts notably the back.

28 October 2013  |  Admin
Market Harborough Chiropractor Back Pain Treatment

Back pain sufferers often left disappointed when all the get is signed off work and given some painkillers. To only concentrate on pain reduction does not treat the cause of back pain. So who should you see if you have back pain.

27 October 2013  |  Admin
Even Santa Can Have a Bad Back!

It is a well documented fact that the run up to Christmas sees the inevitable onset of physical and emotional stress manifesting in head, neck and back pain. It is not just the anxiety of competition for parking spaces and goods on the shelves, but also the physical stress of prolonged carrying and queuing with heavy and awkwardly shaped packages.

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