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Back Pain - About 80% of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. 

Did you know that over 30 million working days were lost in the UK due to musculoskeletal problems including
back pain, neck and upper limb problems in the UK in 2016?

Chiropractic is effective with many types of back pain. There are many myths with back pain so it is important to understand why we get back pain and not underestimate how difficult it can be to treat.  Almost everyone has heard of the term "slipped disc".  Discs cannot simply slip out of place and the fact this term is still used is one of the major reasons people get confused with back pain.  Lots of things can happen to discs, from tearing to ruptures and herniations. The discs are incredibly strong and it can take decades of overuse to damage them.

The fact is we all collect wear and tear throughout our lives.  Damage to the spine does not happen overnight; it develops over many years and is often related to the type of work done.  Some people have very physical jobs with lots of heavy lifting, others have office jobs, which are quite sedentary in nature. The spine will be affected differently depending on the type of work, but damage accumulates gradually weakening the spine, until one day pain may finally develop. The sooner you act to limit this and continue to maintain a healthy spine, the greater the chances of improved ability later in life.

The majority of people with neck pain are suffering from what is known as 'simple' or 'mechanical' neck pain. This means that the pain is not related to any serious underlying condition and there are no trapped or compressed nerves. Muscles, joints and ligaments can all be involved in simple neck pain. It can be caused by poor posture or tension in the neck or shoulders. Poor sleeping patterns or an awkward sitting position can cause strains and sprains in the soft tissue of the neck.

As we get older, wear and tear may contribute to neck pain. The shock-absorbing pads between the bones of the neck (known as intervertebral discs) can narrow with age and this can cause stiffness, pain and make it difficult to move. Neck pain may follow trauma. Sports injuries, minor falls and bumps or road traffic collisions may give rise to neck pain.

Simple neck pain is relatively common. Less frequently, the nerves in the neck can become trapped, compressed or irritated. There can be many reasons why this happens but damaged discs or wear and tear can lead to pain spreading to the shoulder and arm. This can be accompanied by pins and needles, tingling, numbness and weakness in all or part of the arm or hand.

Chiropractors treat back pain but also specialise in the treatment of many different disorders, such as headaches and migraine. We also deal with hip, knee and shoulder problems whether through the gradual onset of wear and tear or a more abrupt injury through activity.



Low Back Pain Low Back Pain

Low back pain may be caused by excess activity or poor posture, prolonged sitting or stress, the effects of wear and tear or discs bulging, which may result in sciatica

Neck Pain Neck Pain

Neck pain may be caused by poor posture or tension in the shoulders, sports injuries or road traffic accidents or wear and tear, which may be associated with arm or hand symptoms

Shoulder Pain Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain may be caused by rotator cuff injuries from sport or other trauma, soft tissue disorders or problems arising from wear and tear

Joint Pains Joint Pains

Hip and knee pain due to osteoarthritis, minor sports injuries such as ankle sprain, elbow pain and tennis elbow associated with back or neck conditions, plantar fascitis

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Headaches and Migraines Headaches & Migraines

Tension headaches arise from the neck and can be recurrent and debilitating. Migraines may be associated with nausea and visual disturbances

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