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Even Santa Can Have a Bad Back!

27 October 2013  |  Admin

It is a well documented fact that the run up to Christmas sees the inevitable onset of physical and emotional stress manifesting in head, neck and back pain. It is not just the anxiety of competition for parking spaces and goods on the shelves, but also the physical stress of prolonged carrying and queuing with heavy and awkwardly shaped packages.

If you think you have found the easy way to beat the Christmas rush by shopping online, think again!

Market Harborough chiropractor, David Casey from The Chiropractic Clinic in Market Harborough, says “far more people will develop head, neck and back symptoms whilst sitting and working at a computer for hours on end”.

He adds, “Chiropractors are all too familiar with this kind of presentation as well as problems that may develop in the wrist and hand from overuse of the computer mouse”.

Here are five top tips to help yourself avoid the worst of the winter retail stress:

1 Look around first and make notes. Collect your shopping later to reduce the time carrying weights

2) Balance your shopping equally to reduce spinal strain and make use of the trolley and car boot

3) Walk at a sensible pace, don’t amble slowly and if standing in queues keep moving

4) When internet shopping don’t stay in one position for too long, move regularly

5) Ensure that your work station is set up correctly to reduce the strain on your neck and back and don’t hover on the mouse

There are many wonderful aspects of christmas, that we enjoy – festive spirit, visiting family, seeing our children opening their presents, to name a few. It is also a time when some of the old aches and pains tend to come out, resulting in a visit to the chiropractor in the following days!

Here are some of reasons, with some suggestions as to how you can stay out of pain.

Sitting in armchairs and sofas. Yes – we do this all year around, but we tend to spend more time with relatives sitting down at Christmas. Ensure you prop yourself up, using a pillow if necessary, as straight as you can. Don’t be sat down for too long – stand up, even if only to walk around the house and do some simple stretches.
Playing with the children. There’s nothing the children enjoy more than playing around with uncles, aunties and grandparents, often being carried or climbing all over them! Of course, we all enjoy this, but do watch those back muscles. Use all the usual care when lifting. Maintain a straight back as far as possible and engage those core muscles.
Exercise. As far as your back is concerned, Christmas is no different to any other time of the year, and just as it is important to exercise those muscles, throughout the year, we especially need to do a little stretching throughout the festive season.
Go easy on those mince pies! Those extra calories not only cause us to gain weight, but leave us feeling more lethargic. Poor diet can also increase inflammation, and any achey joints are then likely to feel worse.
Invest In Your Health.
Last and by no means least, if you’ve had problems before, have a check up so that you know you’re working better and not on the verge of an injury. Christmas time means less availability and it’s a time for enjoying yourself in the company of others. Don’t ruin it with a bad back or neck, have a check up and make the most of it.

Have fun and enjoy it.

To ensure your Christmas is not ruined by back pain why not have some treatment at the Chiropractic Clinic in Market Harborough or Melton Mowbray Chiropractic Clinic first and have a stress free Christmas.

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