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28 October 2013  |  Admin

Back pain sufferers often left disappointed when all the get is signed off work and given some painkillers. To only concentrate on pain reduction does not treat the cause of back pain. So who should you see if you have back pain.

Back pain is best addressed by a good Chiropractor. Studies have shown manipulation is superior to all other treatment methods for both acute and chronic pain.

Back pain is now considered an epidemic, and lost time from work and chronic disabling pain is resulting from the attitude that people can “deal with it on their own” or by taking medication that covers up the problem. Worse, sometimes this medicine causes new problems on top of the back pain.

It takes primary spinal care practitioners, such as an expert chiropractor, along time to train and their specialist training allows them to diagnose and rehabilitate weakened and damaged spines more effectively.

Treatment is more effective the earlier you can see a chiropractor. Do not wait to see if gets better by itself as the more you delay treatment the longer it takes to treat. Call and speak to a chiropractor in Market Harborough or in Melton Mowbray sooner rather than later.

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