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18 June 2013  |  Admin

Spinal Manipulation
Written By, On June 18, 2013
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Many practitioners use manipulation as a mainstay of treatment for back pain, be that the chiropractic profession or osteopaths and physios have even come over to art as well in recent years. Many general practitioners have attended training over the years but the majority leave manipulation to the experts now as it requires years of daily practice to become proficient.

Decades of research have shown again and again the value of manipulation, especially when it is combined with a programme of rehabilitation.

So why use manipulation in the first place. To understand that you need to understand why we get back pain in the first place.

First and foremost the bones of the spine, the vertebra, do not get misaligned and manipulation does not put bones back into place. The next big myth about back pain regards the “slipped disc”, there is no such thing as a slipped disc. It is physically impossible for an intervertebral disc to slip out of place and pinch a nerve. Discs can after decades of miss use and abuse end up being torn, split and ruptured, resulting in disc bulges or prolapse, which can affect the nerves but they can never just slip out of place that is nonsense.

The majority of back pain is the results of ligament injuries and that includes the intervertebral discs themselves. Back pain is not the result of muscle spasms, the muscles spasms are the result of pain in spinal ligament injury.

Simply put all the ligaments in our bodies have limited blood supplies and as a result they all have limited healing abilities. Whereas muscles and bones have very good blood supplies and heal very well, even from major trauma. So if you have back pain that has lasted for more than six weeks you can be sure its not because of a “pulled muscle”.

Manipulation is performed to take tight, stiff, fibrous ligaments and stretch them again and again until they loosen off enough to restore normal movement.

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