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Improving Back Pain Services

11 June 2013  |  Admin

Improving back pain services
Written By, On June 11, 2013
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East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group is beginning to put plans in place to improve how patients with low back pain access services.

Currently low back pain patients access services through making multiple visits to General Practitioners. This often leads to complicated arrangements with prolonged waiting times and multiple visits to see various specialists in an attempt to manage their back pain.

This has been shown to be a very ineffective and time consuming procedure that ultimately delays treatment.

Living with back pain can have a major impact on patients quality of life. If these conditions are allowed to develop into chronic pain syndromes they can become difficult to manage.

At this stage any attempt to treat and resolve back pain can often be too late.

The way General Practitioners advise patients needs to be investigated to improve the way their patients are referred to other services to change the current weakness in patient care.

This can be improved by taking advantage of a multidisciplinary team so that patients get the right care for their specific condition.

Chiropractors are ideally qualified to participate in this programme.

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