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15 May 2013  |  Admin

Back Pain Treatment
Written By, On May 15, 2013
Effective back pain treatment requires much more than a fews minutes to give a true diagnosis. If only it was as easy as a pulled muscle or the infamous “slipped disc”.

Everyone has heard of these terms and they have become curse for specialists that have to deal with the problems such misinformation causes. Of course there are no such thing as a slipped disc, just imagine how weakened the spine would be if things could easily slip out of place.

The truth is that the spine is very robust and can tolerate years and years of abuse but eventually tissues ,such as the connecting ligaments, will start to become increasingly damaged. When the supporting structure begins to fail us we develop weakened areas that begin to cause us pain.

All too often we reach for the painkillers. Any treatment that only focuses on pain relief fails to address why we started to have pain in the first place.

Ultimatley the more mechanical damage we collect over the years the more dysfunctional the spine will become. The more we act to maintain or restore the healthy function fo the spine the less mechanical damage we will collect.

Using manipulation has been proven to increase or restore joint function. If you then apply corrective and maintenance excercises you can at least try and limit the disability seen with long term back pain sufferers.

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