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Back Pain Treatment in Melton Mowbray

16 May 2013  |  Admin

Back Pain Treatment in Melton Mowbray
Written By, On May 16, 2013

The nearest Back Pain Treatment Clinic is located at 12 Asfordby Road, Melton Mowbray. With qualified professionals able to carry out in depth medical examinations including X-rays and MRI investigations, if required, we try and give our patients a more informed consultation.

All too often we see back pain sufferers who have been told they have a “slipped disc” when that is not physically possible. The term slipped disc actually refers to an intervertebral disc which has over many years accumulated damage and finally become so weakened that it has now split, ruptured or started to bulge out causing irritation to the nerves.

In the worse cases the disc ruptures and jelly from the centre of the disc is squeezed out causing more serious injury to the nerves. Sciatica is due to this type of injury or even wear and tear to the spine as the disc degenerate over many many years.

If action is taken to limit the accumulation of damage by keeping the joints of the spine moving to their full potential the hope is that people don’t wait until the damage is so extensive.

This can be achieved by using manipulation to free up stiff joints and followed up with spinal rehabilitation exercises to maintain them over the years.

The sooner you act the better the outcome.

Remember if you do nothing, nothing will change.

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