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Back Pain Costing UK Industry 7.2billion per Year

5 June 2013  |  Admin

Back pain costing UK industry 7.2 billion per year
Written By, On June 5, 2013

Badly set up desks and chairs cost companies across the UK 7 billion per year in sick pay a recent study has shown. 75% of office staff suffer ill health as a direct result of poorly equipped desks.

The majority reported back pain as the leading cause of time off, with headaches and depression leading to 14 days off work each year. In some cases forcing them to quit their jobs completly due to ill health.

The working environment and its direct impact on workers health is often overlooked by employers especially for chronic back pain.

The study carried out by the ergonomics specialist Fellowes suggest absences cost UK bosses 7.2 billion per year in total with lost productivity taken into account.

With high demands and lack of funding in the NHS, back pain sufferers are increasingly seeking help with back pain specialists such as chiropractors.

Using manual manipulation techniques in combination with spinal rehabilitation excercises the majority of back pain patients can control their back pain and as a result have fewer days of work.

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