Low back pain treatment,neck pain treatment in Leicestershire for 20years

Suffering from either prolonged effects of lower back pain or sudden sharp onset of  back pain or neck pain.

Fed up with the debilitating effects of years of spinal stiffness that limits your activities or just being told to take painkillers for back pain that keeps returning again and again we understand.

Over the years we have helped many hundreds low back pain and neck pain sufferers get relief from spinal pain and many other injuries from sport related injuries to injuries sustained in car accidents and work accidents. Many people such as farmers and construction industry suffer with spinal pain, low back pain and neck and shoulder injuries due to physical nature of their jobs. Increasingly we see many office workers due to many hours sitting at computers.

You are not alone low back pain is the most common injury preventing us from a life free from pain. Recent studies show 80% of us have back pain and now major concerns about the high percentage of back pain sufferers overuse of painkillers, many of which have no effectiveness for back pain.

We see how back pain injury effects every day activities. We see first hand how uncomfortable life can be when you have constant pain, whether its from neck pain, which extends into the shoulders or prolonged low back pain with its associated stiffness limiting overall mobility.

After suffering from back pain ourselves experiencing the affect pain has on mobility and impact pain has on the quality of life we understand that early treatment is important to long term recovery.

We use range of treatments from manipulation, to reduce stiffness, combined with soft tissue treatments and rehabilitation exercises to maintain a more healthy spine.

 With 20 years of experience treating low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, migraines, sports injuries.

If you would like to learn more about back pain and its causes and treatment please call either the

Chiropractic Clinic in Market Harborough on 01858 414841 or the Chiropractic Clinic  in Melton Mowbray on 01664 561199