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Injecting fat into discs

Written By, On April 30, 2014

Surgeons are injecting the spine with fat from patient’s stomachs in ‘promising’ new treatment for chronic back pain Damaged discs are one of the most common causes of chronic back pain Surgeons are injecting fat cells into the discs in the spine, damaged discs are one of the most common causes of chronic back pain. […]

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Written By, On March 29, 2014

HARBOROUGH BACK PAIN CLINIC It is important that you follow up with regular sessions to ensure the back pain is kept under control. Living a life without back pain is possible with the help of your  chiropractor. About Back Pain Treatment in Market Harborough Back pain is a common ailment. Most people suffer from simple […]

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Written By, On March 21, 2014

Lumbago Lumbago is just an old term used to describe pain in the lower back Lumbago is another term for low back pain a condition experienced by up to 80% of people in the industrialised Western world at some point in their lives. The term first appeared in the 1600s, then used mainly by doctors. It became […]

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Should I take paracetamol for back pain or see a chiropractor

Written By, On March 12, 2014

Painkiller paracetamol’s ‘link to liver failure’ BRITAIN’S most popular painkiller is at the centre of a major health scare over fears it can cause liver failure and death. Health regulators are to limit the amount of paracetamol in prescription medicines because of soaring cases of liver damage. Paracetamol – also known as acetaminophen – is […]

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Back pain test ‘aids diagnosis’

Written By, On March 10, 2014

Back pain test ‘aids diagnosis’ A simple technique could help differentiate patients with different causes of back pain.  Test commonly used by chiropractors in their offices are seen to be valuable aids to diagnosis. Researchers have devised bedside tests that distinguish between neuropathic pain (nerve damage) and other causes of pain. It said the tests […]

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Spinal operations

Written By, On March 2, 2014

spinal operations last resort for back pain

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