Conditions helped


Chiropractic is effective with many types of back pain.

There are many myths with back pain, it is important to understand why we get back pain and not underestimate how difficult it can be to treat.

Here are some conditions

“Slipped disc”

Almost everyone has heard of the “slipped disc”, it is simply impossible for discs to slip out of place and this why this term is still used is one of the major reasons people get confused with back pain.

Lots of things can happen to discs, from tearing to ruptures and herniations but it is physically impossible for them to slip out of place.

The discs are incredibly strong and it can take decades of abuse to damage them.

The truth is we all collect wear and tear throughout our lifes.  Damage to the spine does not happen overnight it must have developed over many years. Often related to the type of work that you have done. Some people have very physical jobs with a lot of heavy lifting, others have office jobs which are quite sedentary in nature. The spine will be affected differently depending on the type of work, but damage accumulates gradually weakening the spine, until one day something finally gives and  back pain develops.

The sooner you act to limit this and continue to maintain a healthy spine, the greater the chances of improved ability later in  life.

 Chiropractors treat back pain but specialize in the treatment of many different disorders such as sciatica, neck pain,headaches, migraine we also deal with shoulder and knee problems

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