What do chiropractors actually do ?

Chiropractors use a combination of manipulation to improve joint mobility followed up with rehabilitation exercise’s to maintain the spine.

QWill the treatment hurt?


Chiropractic treatment is usually pain free, unless an area is inflamed.  Our treatments will be modified to correspond with every patient’s needs to ensure the most practical and comfortable experience.  After the first treatment it is normal to feel stiff or tired but this is a natural response to manipulation.

QHow often will I need treatment?


Chiropractic aims to reduce pain and restore function, stabilise and strengthen the injured areas and maintain long term improvements.

The number of treatments is tailored to suit each individual case and depends on many factors.

These include your age, how long the problem has been present, the severity of the problem, your occupation/hobbies and whether you follow the advice given by the chiropractor.

Treatment tends to be more intensive initially in order to retrain the joints and muscles to work correctly again.

Most people see an improvement in their condition within the first four sessions.  As they continue to improve, they will be seen less frequently.

In the long term many patients choose to visit for maintenance check ups to ensure continued good function and to nip any potential problems in the bud.

QIs chiropractic appropriate for children?


Chiropractic care is appropriate for children of all ages right from newborn.  It is never too early to have your child checked for posture and spinal health.  It is better to know early on if there are any problems.  That way, there is a greater chance of rectifying them or avoiding problems in the future.  Special and extremely gentle paediatric techniques are used to restore full movement to your child’s spine and limbs.

QIs there anything I can do?


Most treatment plans can be greatly aided by patients taking simple steps to aid recovery, progress can be slower if patients don’t follow advice.

Your chiropractor will tell you exactly what needs to be done, at what stage, to help you progress.

It may be advice to ice a particular area, do some specific stretching or make some simple lifestyle changes.

Any advice given is tailored to the specific need of each case.